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Terry Pedigo

BUILDING. I don’t care what it is, I have an appreciation for skilled craftsmen. Maybe it’s because I am not a handyman? I don’t care if it is pouring concrete, building a house, or restoring an old muscle car. I enjoy watching the process - listening as the builder thinks things out - buys the right materials - uses the right tools, and then goes to work. And I’m always amazed to see the finished product.


It dawned on me one day, that’s what I do. I listen to what the client is wanting and then I go back and build. Maybe it’s a television commercial, maybe it’s an ad, outdoor board or logo. I find the best materials (for the budget), find the best workers and tools, and then I build. For 30 years I have been building, and I believe there is something to be said about experience.


Please feel free to look at a small sample of the work my agency has produced. If you’d like to visit about an idea you want built, contact me.




(806) 371-8045

PO Box 2583 • Amarillo, TX 79105


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